Mr Personality from WowWee

Confusing maybe, to pick a Christmas gift for our special fellas, combination of cheap, geek, weird and would unforgotten. TechCrunch or Gizmodo maybe in common - but indeed its still not enough maybe, because people do the same thing while rush, just remember that Christmas is next door now.

WowWee robotic proudly present mr Personality, an ads message for urge people about their lattest innovation (a little freak maybe) to shocking our next Holiday, a robot with several choices may give different energy rather than fun, not to influenced with Jay Leno from his latest Midnight Show but indeed its all a great thing to be experienced.

IBM Lenovo to Unveil Two LCD Laptop

Never imagine before, indeed unnecessary maybe, a first laptop ever - a double screen LCD's - a break trough from IBM Lenovo, could be your alternative choices for next Christmas presents, just believe me - it will surprising much like I do. This double screen laptop unveil in 11lb weight Intel quad core and Nvidia quadro version, with 17in for primary screen and 11in for secondary one, little more heavy because double in almost hardware.

The idea come from consumen itself, where desktop user become incommon to use two monitor screen for daily activity. Most crucial issue would be the heat which produce and energy consumption, IBM Lenovo have anticipated for both problem with dual fan - dual heat reduction system and with latest power saving technology implanted in its battery.

Digg Dig Six Feet Under

Digg, a surf gadget where helps us experienced web with different style, and fun of course, are ready to welcome for bankruptcy and will soar to force to be 'for sale' status, analyze says, not just because today global recession but more - its overconfidence of become more rude prior to face emerging internet industry, work a part with the Microsoft where nice attitude definitely forbid.

To pay about US$ 5 billion annually, caused by wrong ad deal consideration with 3 years further on cursed. Digg, as first comer in social bookmarks industry, who the founder shocking geeks much, stories by BusinessWeek - headlined with 'How this Kid Made $60 in 18 Months', now trying to take public option, shares IPO or even trust hoping major decission stay safe on its feet as well.

SixSigma Course in

For the last 3 days, I involved in one important project for my division, that is to arrange training development for all daily officer, not to worrisome but to me it was surprising much - indeed me myself haven't training yet, how was that possible? without any doubt I toke those challenge and thought about Google and Wikipedia may be could helped, my blink consciousness - the only idea that I have and unfortunately 'search' skill is uncommon for my society, where folks generally using the Internet only for join Friendster only, what a worse.

Six Sigma is old school, but those phrase would disturb me a little, began to explore and to find the possibility for getting more, type six sigma key word in magic box .. bam, 497.000 site appeared, without any confuse I click one site and dig deeply at which offers all popular and latest management system. Can't explain more because of its large range of matter, just try to come on and experienced by yours self

Google to Unveil Blog Gadget 2.0

Again, Google make another bits and is shocking much, through Official Google Blog, posted by Jordan Newman, improving from previous iGoogle gadget - a brand new toolbar - people from around the world can enjoy to learn everything without language problem anymore. By using blog gadget 2.0, matter from 43 different countries can directly translate using Goole translate facility, in place from your dashboard. Term of 2.0 forming naked, share each other and understand able now, to expand further reach out to other potential talent.

Discovery channel, with their program will consider the Mad About English tv series, because its not further necessary, indeed to learn another language become secondary maybe, just nice to have but not urge to be a skillful. Put your own choices in this tool, different from the last iGoogle for you who experienced with, Google translate add on deliver powerful language database and will continue improving your surfing experience, so welcome to new 2.0 and be gel.

2008 are perfect 1930

It is true, the economics down fall is today reality. For the first time maybe our world getting into trouble at the same moment, with the same imbroglio from credit mortgage until jobs cut. Even after US economics team have announced last week, our Wall Street would going to nowhere, still on negative down turn. Are we in 1930's ?

My Confession

Thanks God I Fired ..

Do KAIZEN Give your SOUL

Using this jersey mean everything, being powerfull and honourable just the examples, added certificate are promised -for building next career ofcourse, with double responsibility and ready for multitasking job, but hold on -never ask about rewardship, it's null.

Mix Mill .. Kill

Rubber mill, one place where all rubber compound been mix and mill, produce a pre vulcanized form. Just think about 270 lbs of bubble gum been mould in special roller, operate by only 2 or 3 technician, pouring the sulphur powder titanium oxyde and color additive until well mixed, for 20 until 30 minutes milling and 12 batch process. Even David will going bye bye.

Cool the tool

When you are entering our laboratory -after make a trip to assembling line or even rubber tech, there so much different circumstances beetwen those places, like a heaven and ..hell may be. 43 celcius degree in production line and 25 celcius degree in this lab facility, but never feel satisfy -because those air conditioner is for cooling the laboratories tools.